12025 Freight Road Train

Product Code: 12025

Brand: Highway Replicas

Release Date: 1/08/2023

Limited Edition Quantity: 1500

The Road Train is a legend of the Australian outback. Its legendary status is backed by recording the longest and heaviest road-legal road trains in the world, with some weighing 200 tonnes.
Travelling across the outback, Freight Road Trains provide an important link between the marketplace and the farm. Delivering perishable goods would not be possible without the fast and adaptable Road Train. Fresh produce can now be offered to a national and international market all year round, and not just seasonal produce to the local towns.

Also available item number 12975 to extend your Road Train with an additional Trailer and Dolly, painted in the same scheme.

Part of the Freight Collection, this item includes Prime Mover, Dolly, 2x Freight Trailers and Numbered Certificate of Authenticity.